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Port Oriel, Clogherhead,

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  • Foodservice
  • Manufacturing
In 1999, a group of young, second-generation fishermen decided to pool their talent and resources, forming a co-op to help maximise earnings and minimise costs associated with fishing activities. The result is a 12-strong fleet of modern boats and an impressive collective of skilled manpower.

Proud of its provenance of Clogherhead in Ireland, the co-op strives to provide quality produce while fishing in a responsible manner. All the boats operate a full HACCP and environmental management system, with four vessels fully certified to the BIM Responsibly Sourced Seafood (RSS) standard, and the remaining vessels currently in application (August 2017).

Onshore, the co-op also complies with HACCP with a full traceability system. It will add the RSS certification to guarantee the chain of custody.

Why Us

The fishermen involved have years of experience in catching prawns, through practice, study and tradition. They believe quality is something the customer should never be concerned about.

When purchasing from the co-op, full traceability is guaranteed. Not only can the company provide a full chain of custody, its customers know that they have a direct line to those responsible for the catch. The boat owners are the shareholders, there are no middlemen.

While the co-op is at the mercy of the elements and available quota; it is confident that, with 12 freezer vessels, it can provide continuity of supply all year round.

Our product range

Frozen at sea prawns
Fresh fish sold whole:
- Cod
- Prawn tails
- Haddock
- Monk
- Plaice
- Hake
- Meg/witch
- Ray
- Ling
- Squid
- Turbot
- Cuttlefish

  • Europe
Our Accreditations
  • Origin Green Verified
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