Marketplace International: April 12th 2018

Marketplace International took place on April 12th 2018 in the Royal Dublin Society (RDS) venue in Ballsbridge, Dublin. The first ever sustainable sourcing event managed by Bord Bia saw 186 Irish food and drink companies meet with over 500 buyers from 52 different countries.

Over 4,800 official meetings took place at the event with an aim to generate new business opportunities for the Irish food and drink industry. These pre-arranged, bespoke meetings took place in 25-minute slots throughout the day from 8.15 AM to 5.30 PM.


176 Origin Green verified companies took part in the event, which showcased Ireland’s ability to produce and sell sustainable food and drink products worldwide.

The event highlighted Ireland’s commitment to sustainable food production and was complemented by a specific Origin Green area, where buyers were invited to witness the journey that Irish suppliers are on to supply product across the food chain from farmer to the end consumer.

The event was preceded by 3 days of itineraries around Ireland, where Bord Bia hosted
buyers in visiting over 85 Irish farms, factories, producers and retailers nationwide.

Alongside the 176 companies were 10 up-and-coming food companies from the Food Works programme sponsored by Bord Bia, Enterprise Ireland and Teagasc.

Bord Bia is proactively working alongside the Irish companies and international food buyers that attended the event to ensure that business continues to be created and that long-term partnerships can be created moving forward.

The next Marketplace International event is due to take place in 2021.

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