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Irish Landscape

Bells Isle Seafoods Ltd / Majestic Oysters

Company address

Tullyearl, Donegal Town,
Donegal, Donegal

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Channels Supplied:

  • Foodservice
Majestic Oysters represent a new era in high-quality oyster cultivation. Situated on the remote North West Coast of Ireland in Co. Donegal, an area rich in history and tradition, this oyster farm is a labour of love that stems from countless generations of tradition and knowledge.

With almost three decades experience in the production and marketing of oysters, Majestic Oysters are recognised by top chefs worldwide, with Michelin Star restaurants among its clients. 

Why Us

From the finest hatchery seed to full maturity, the expertly qualified team at Majestic Oysters pays constant hands-on attention to all stages of cultivation to ensure that the product is of premium quality. By these means, the company ensures that only the very finest of hand-selected, meat rich oysters, grown in the tides of the wild Atlantic Ocean, are delivered to the customer straight from the sea.

All of the harvested oysters are subject to Majestic Oysters' purification process in keeping with EU regulations.

Our product range

Boxed Oysters Grade 0-5

Markets supplied
  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
Our Accreditations
  • Origin Green Verified
Our Awards

National Oyster Award Winners

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