Brogan's Bakery was founded in 1967 by Liam and Patricia Brogan, supplying products to local towns in the West of Ireland.

Its founding beliefs and goals were based on ensuring consistent quality for customers while supporting the local community. As Brogan's Bakery enters its 50th year, there is a sense of pride that the same values the business was founded on are still prevalent today.

Brogan's Bakery recently collaborated with Kerrygold, bringing one of Ireland's most famous brands to the consumer in a shortbread biscuit. The bakery continues to work with retailers and foodservice businesses, creating innovative and quality products.

Product Range Product Range

Kerrygold Shortbread - 180g ,50g & 40g biscuit pack
Brogans Porter Cake
Brogans Irish Whiskey Cake
Brogans Caribbean Ginger Cake
Private Label - biscuits, mince pies, tarts, fruit cake

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Europe Middle East UK & NI

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Serving customers premium quality baked goods for over 50 years, Brogan's Bakery now aims to delight consumers around the world with innovative new products

It is the only bakery in the world to produce Kerrygold Shortbread biscuits. This excellent shortbread biscuit, baked using traditional methods and Irish Kerrygold butter, won a Great Taste Award shortly after its launch in 2017.


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Winner: Kerrygold Shortbread - Great Taste Awards 2017

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