Brendan Cleary began working for his family business Glenisk (Ireland's leading organic dairy manufacturer) in the mid 80's.

New Product Development was always to the forefront and now continues to be in Ethica Planet Foods. Fermented oat dairy alternatives were developed to help increase the amounts of oats in each portion and also to eliminate the need of adding sugar to the product.

Our flavours of Natural Aura, Chocolate & Coconut, Caramel Chia offer consumers quality and diversity with No Added Sugar.

Product Range Product Range

Oat Yourgut, Natural Aura, 400g
Oat Yourgut, Caramel Chia, 400g
Oat Yourgut, Chocolate Coconut, 400g

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Why choose us

• No Added Sugar
• 30%+ Oat Based
• Vegan
• Organic
• First to Market with Fermented Oats
• 12 Essential Amino Acids, replacement to Soya and Dairy.
• Balanced Food Nutrition, Healthy short Ingredient list.
• Totally new product based on existing best-selling products based on existing sales of Yogurt and rise of Vegan Foods.
• Oats on trend, demand for more Oat based products.

Our Awards

Winner of Hersteller Category at Next Organic Food Startup Award Berlin 2018