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Iona, The Rise,
Main Street, Blanchardstown, Dublin

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Channels Supplied:

  • Foodservice
  • Retail
The business was incorporated in July 2014 and commenced trading in September 2014 as the creators of Everest were not satisfied with the granola cups available on the market.

They were too small, tasteless, unhealthy and imported. Therefore their quest was simple, to create a ridiculously tasty and healthy "on the go" solution made from natural ingredients. They felt passionate that the product was made in Ireland and it consisted of real food such as nuts, seeds, wholegrain oats and fruit.

Everest provides a gourmet granola cup which is made from ridiculously tasty natural ingredients. It is far too easy to start the day by either missing breakfast or having an unhealthy non-nutritious option. Everest provides a convenient solution of a great product at good value at any time of the day. Everest operates in the retail and food service market both in Ireland and the UK.

The company has used an innovation voucher from Enterprise Ireland to develop a truly unique product The Everest Porridge Right Now and Everest High in Protein Granola. Everest will also launch the Everest Chia Pudding in 2018. This product has many health benefits and the company is in final stages of securing approval from the EU Food Safety Authority required for the products launch.

Although the Everest Granola Cup is aimed mainly at the breakfast market, it is now

Why Us

A customer would choose an Everest product due to the following reasons. Everest is a unique and innovative business because of the quality and taste of ingredients used in each product. The average granola cup consists of oats flavoured with golden syrup whereas Everest Granola consists of 5 different types of seeds, 5 different types of grains, roasted coconut, raisins and honey. Each Everest product is under 250 calories and still on average 50 grams larger than many of the markets competitors. This larger portion size for under 250 calories offers great value for money while keeping your waistline trim. Everest Granola Cups are the only granola cup available on the retail market in both Ireland and the UK to be able to claim to be both a source of protein and a source of fibre making it a unique product.

Our product range

Everest Granola Raspberry
Everest Granola Apple and Cinnamon
Everest Granola Honey
Everest Granola Vanilla
Everest Granola Strawberry Protein Pot

Our Accreditations
  • BRC
  • Origin Green Verified

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