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Marcos Black,
288 Bannow Road,
Broombridge Business Centre,
T: +35318245789
E: marcos@​

Mora Foods Ltd is a multi-award-winning company established in 2010 and is a specialised food company that makes gourmet food solutions for the Irish, European and international markets, for the foodservice, catering and retail sectors. The company combines the best Irish beef, lamb and chicken, fresh vegetables and authentic spices to produce award-winning, tasty, healthy and consistently high-quality foods.

They specialize in the manufacture of authentic Latin American foods for the foodservice and retail sectors. Authentic recipes combined with contemporary cooking techniques allow us to offer real Argentinean & Mexican gourmet foods, as well as some other Hispanic options.

The range has very broad appeal with options based on beef, chicken, lamb, and a selection of Irish and continental cheeses, all offered through the company’s distinctively innovative approach. Empanadas and gourmet finger foods are the main ranges and represent 90 per cent of exports, which account for 90 per cent of the total sales. Pies represent the other 10% of their exports.

The company is currently exporting to mainland Europe and the UK. Since 2018 it has started to offer HALAL options and has expanded their vegetarian and vegan options.

Product Range Product Range

Argentinean-Style Empanadas - 32g, 70g, 100g, 170g

Spanish-Style Empanadas - 32g, 70g

Mexican-Style Empanadas - 32g, 70g, 170g

Individual Pies

Gourmet Finger Food & Canapé Range

Globe Markets Supplied

Europe UK & NI

Channels Supplied Key Channels Supplied


Why choose us

Mora Foods' range of gourmet finger food and canapés includes high-quality options full of flavour and innovation. Its empanadas range is a versatile concept, presented as an innovative gourmet option by high-end catering establishments.

The company produces 100% of the product; fillings for the ranges are slowly cooked, with the dough mixed in small batches. The products are hand-formed, blast frozen and then packed by hand. Each step of the process is carefully monitored and quality is kept at its highest throughout the whole process.

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