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Barranastook House,
Dungarvan, Waterford

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Channels Supplied:

  • Foodservice
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail

Origin Green Sustainability Programme

Origin Green

The Little Milk Company is a co-operative of organic dairy farmers residing throughout the Irish provinces of Munster and Leinster.

All of its farms are family-owned and operated using organic farming methods. Its herds include a mix of Jersey and Montbeliarde cows, which are renowned for producing the highest-quality milk.

We use our organic milk to make a range of cheeses. Our traditional round wheels cheddars are handmade and hand turned using traditional cheese making techniques.

We also use our organic milk to make natural mild flavoured cheese perfect for families or retail.

Why Us

This extensive range of organic Irish cheese has won in the region of 20 awards at such ceremonies as Mondial du Fromage and The British Cheese Awards.

Our product range

Organic Vintage Cheddar
Organic Mature Cheddar
Organic Mild Cheddar
Organic Cashel Blue
Organic Grated Cheese
Organic Sliced Cheese
Organic Block Cheese
Organic Cheese Powder

Markets supplied
  • Asia Pacific
  • Australia
  • Europe
  • Great Britain
  • Ireland
  • North America
Our Accreditations
  • BRC
  • Organic
  • Origin Green Verified
Our Awards

Over 20 awards including Medaille d'Or at Mondial du Fromage, Best Organic Cheese at The British Cheese Awards, and winner of an Irish Food Writers' Guild Award.

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A family-based farmhouse cheesemaking business, its principle products include Cashel Blue cheese, made with cow's milk, and Crozier Blue cheese, made with sheep's milk. Specialist in the making, maturing and sales of speciality Blue Cheese nationally.


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