This is Seaweed was born from a desire to build a global organic food brand, to protect and develop the production of authentic and artisanal foods, and to distribute such good foods worldwide.

The fundamental motivator is to encourage consumers to engage with seaweeds and understand the benefits of their nutrition and taste.

Each seaweed in the range has its own suite of beneficial properties - the unique combinations of vitamins and minerals that make them 'superfoods'. Eating a variety of seaweeds regularly helps give the body the very best of the ocean's goodness.

Product Range Product Range

Whole-leaf seaweeds

Flaked seaweeds 3-5mm

Milled seaweeds 1mm, 100-300µm

Micronised seaweeds 10-100µm

Liquid extracts from seaweeds

Dulse - Palmaria palmata

Kelp - Laminaria digitata

Alaria (Atlantic Wakame) - Alaria esculenta

Sea Spaghetti - Himanthalia elongata

Carrageen - Chondrus crispus

Sea Lettuce - Ulva lactuca

Nori - Porphyra umbilicalis

Sugar Kelp - Saccharina latissima

Knotted Wrack - Ascophyllum nodosum

Serrated Wrack - Fucus serratus

Farmed Sugar Kelp - Saccharina latissima

Farmed Alaria - Alaria esculenta

Farmed Kelp - Laminaria digitata

Full range of smoked seaweeds (vegan cold or hot smoked)

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Globe Markets Supplied

Europe North America UK & NI

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Why choose us

The company's high-quality seaweed products are harvested by hand and dried under strictly controlled conditions to ensure they are packed to perfection and ready to enjoy at the consumer's convenience. The driers never exceed 40°C so the healthy enzymes and vitamins remain intact.

This is Seaweed is run by innovative, highly-educated solution providers who have relevant global connections.

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Blas na hÉireann Awards - Chef's Larder Finalist

Bord Bia Organic Award Finalist

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