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Malin Road, Carndonagh,

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  • Foodservice
  • Retail
Established in 1976, Atlanfish is a family-owned company and a leading processor of Irish seafood products. Specialising in crustaceans and shellfish - including brown crab, Canadian lobster, whelks, mussels, and langoustines - Atlanfish is an entrepreneurial company that has grown to be a quality-driven business.

In 2008, the company launched the premium Cashelmara brand. Cashelmara products provide retail and foodservice customers with a range of premium shellfish products available all year round, prepared and cooked to perfection.

The Cashelmara brand leverages the company's key skills and its 40 years' experience in sourcing, processing, sales and marketing within the seafood industry. Underpinned by three key pillars, Cashelmara denotes premium quality, provenance, and responsible practices.

Based in Carndonagh, Co. Donegal, and occupying a purpose-built facility equipped with the latest production technology, Atlanfish serves the diverse needs of the retail, wholesale, and foodservice trade worldwide.

Cashelmara products offer customers 35+ days shelf life on cooked and pasteurised products, and 2+ year shelf life on cooked, frozen products.

Why Us

Boasting a fully integrated Total Quality Management system, Atlanfish also provides full traceability via its online Product Trace tool. In addition, the company has French and Swedish sales offices.

Our product range

Brown crab (Cancer pagurus)
Lobster (Homarus americanus)
Mussels(Mytilus edulis)
Whelk (Buccinum undatum)
Langoustines (Nephrops norvegicus)

  • Europe
  • UK & NI

Integrated Crab Management Plan

Our Accreditations
  • BRC
  • MSC (Marine Stewardship Council)
  • Origin Green Verified

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