Beef from Ireland

Here on the island of Ireland, our lush grasslands, fresh, clean air and plentiful rain provide us with the perfect environment for rearing cattle. Our grass-fed herds produce prime quality beef that’s both naturally nutritious and tasty.

Our beef farmers and producers not only adhere to the European Union’s high food safety standards, but through their membership of Origin Green; Ireland’s leading edge national food quality and sustainability programme, they do so much more to serve the global market.

Why Ireland?

Ireland’s mild, damp climate results in a long growing season and is ideal for rearing cattle under natural conditions. Ireland receives over 1000mm of rain annually. Our rich soils produce grass where cattle have the freedom to graze outdoors for up to 300 days a year. This allows for grazing or ensiled grass to account for more than 80% of the feed of Irish cattle. Resulting in a darker, richer coloured meat, higher concentrates of Omega 3 fatty acids, reduced saturated fats and greater levels of essential nutrients, such as Vitamin E and Vitamin D.

Origin Green

As members of Origin Green, our farmers work is measured and independently audited to drive continuous improvements across the supply chain in areas such as food safety, traceability, animal health and welfare, greenhouse gas emissions, and water and soil management.

Sustainable Beef & Lamb Assurance Scheme

The Sustainable Beef & Lamb Assurance Scheme (SBLAS) ensures that our farms are run to the highest standards possible. It is a rigorous and independently accredited quality assurance scheme, devised and agreed by a Technical Advisory Committee that includes representation from numerous institutional bodies and entities.

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