Dairy from Ireland, where we work in harmony with nature

Here on the island of Ireland, our fresh, clean air and lush grasslands, nourished by plentiful rain, enables our cows and our dairy produce to be grass-fed. Together with an agile industry that responds speedily to changing production requirements, Ireland’s reputation for premium quality dairy is enjoyed globally, with consumers and trade customers around the world benefitting from its assurances in quality, traceability and sustainability. This enables the Irish dairy industry to ensure a consistent, secure supply of premium quality dairy produce that’s naturally nutritious and tasty.

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Grass Fed Standard

Irish dairy herds are grass fed for an average of 240 full days of the year*- enjoying a diet that’s 95%* grass and grass-based. Increasingly consumers want dairy products that can be classified as grass fed. The Bord Bia Grass Fed Dairy Standard has been developed in response to the market, where there is now a demand for evidence to back up the grass fed claim .

This means that primary production must be able to prove the availability of and use of fresh grass or grass forage within its production system. Through the Sustainable Dairy Assurance Scheme (SDAS) Ireland can provide the required proof of a grass-fed dairy production system. Dairy farm suppliers must be certified members of the Sustainable Dairy Assurance Scheme (SDAS) scheme.  Information gathered during the SDAS audits (every 18 months) provides confirmation that the farm system meets the Grass Fed rules.

*Based on SDAS data over a 3-year period.

Origin Green

Our dairy farmers and producers not only adhere to the EU’s high food safety standards, but through their membership of Origin Green – Ireland’s leading edge national food quality and sustainability programme – they do so much more to serve the global market. As members of Origin Green the work of Irish dairy farmers and producers is measured and independently audited to drive continuous improvements across the supply chain in areas such as food safety, traceability, animal health and welfare, greenhouse gas emissions, and water and soil management. Irish dairy farmers who are verified members of the Sustainable Dairy Assurance Scheme (SDAS) are also members of Origin Green.


All grass-fed Irish dairy herds are fully traceable, with each calf given a distinct passport ID at birth, and always identifiable throughout their lives thanks to their unique double-ear tags. Each individual animal is also capable of being tracked at all stages through the national Animal Identification and Movement System (AIMS), a fully digitised traceability system operated by Ireland’s Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine.

Ireland’s dairy processors additionally use state-of-the-art technology to ensure the traceability of the milk they utilise – from individual farms to processing – as they deliver to the exacting standards of their international customers.

View Irish Dairy Suppliers

Dairy Suppliers