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Meat Shopper Insights

Bord Bia has published its latest Meat Shopper Insights report for Q1 2022. Once again, this report looks at key trends in how European shoppers are buying meat. This report includes data for all 7 European markets (Ireland, UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Sweden) included in the research.

This report looks at the impact of inflation across Europe. Inflation is causing a rise in energy prices, which is affecting household economic decisions. Grocery is a clear area where shoppers can reduce expenditure.

When shopping for meat is it clear that concern over cost is visible, as over 31% of Swedish consumers indicated as their reason not to purchase beef. Over the 2-year period (2020-2022), expensiveness is increasing as a barrier to purchase and has ranked as the 1st or 2nd barrier to purchase in all markets with the exception of Italy. This is why future expected consumption of animal protein is due to increase. Yet, although consideration and purchase numbers are down on this time last year, the figures are slightly up on the 2020 Q1 figures.

When buying beef, the report highlights that is difficult to get shoppers to trade up, with steak purchases being particularly hit as Swedish shoppers look to more affordable cuts such as beef burgers and beef mince.  Trips to restaurants have also been hit hard as people try to cut down on spending. To replace restaurant trips, some shoppers are instead looking for high quality meat for at-home special occasions. Buyers should consider this as an opportunity to innovate.

However, grass-fed still has the ability to keep shoppers engaged and can help justify shoppers in their decision to trade up. 40% of Swedish shoppers are aware that grass-fed translates to better quality beef, whilst it also is considered good value for money. The report highlights that despite cost concerns, grass-fed is still trending up as a driver to purchase.

Please find the full Q1 2022 Bord Bia Meat Shopper Insights report here. For further information on developments within the Irish meat sector and sustainable Irish meat exporters please contact linda.madigan@bordbia.ie in your local Bord Bia office.