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A Look at Dietary Lifestyles 2021

June 2021

  • English

With a drive towards a more balanced way of being emerging in a Covid driven world, it is no surprise to see people move away from stricter dietary regimes and adhering to a flexitarian lifestyle across the nine markets researched in our Dietary Lifestyle Study 2021.

This study was designed to understand how dietary lifestyles have evolved since 2018. The purpose of the study was to enable the food and drinks industry learn how people are approaching their diets, looking in particular at relationships with protein and alternative proteins.

Our partners in designing this study were Empathy Research. This multimarket study was conducted across 9 markets and involved over 18,000 participants

Below is an outline of some of the key findings.

Health, wellness and sustainability continue to take precedence

Health and sustainability continue to drive interest in following these dietary lifestyles with 81% of people deeming themselves to be very healthy and 65% of people making more of an effort to be aware of the environment around them. Both trends have been accentuated since Covid with 64% saying that eating healthily is a priority for them now and 47% of global consumers reporting that ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients are more important to them now than before the pandemic.

Dietary lifestyles are moving towards “balance”

70% of the population do not subscribe to any particular diet.  Overall there seems to be a move towards balance, with 55% of people saying they are trying to eat a balanced diet, and don’t follow a specific dietary lifestyle (this is +3% since 2018). Only 4% of people say that they are STRICTLY following a specific diet or lifestyle (this is down 6% on 2018).

Stay tuned for our next insight into dietary lifestyles 2021. To learn more please contact your local market specialist and they can set up a time to take you through the reports in all its detail. Alternatively the global and local market reports are available to download at.