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Irish Dairy Continues to Grow – Dubai

December 2021

  • English - Dubai

Milk collections in Ireland are up almost 6.5% in the first nine months of 2021, while exports are look on track to exceed €5 billion for the third year running.

Butter and cheese are the largest categories by volume accounting for 18% and 17% of all exports, respectively. Over 90% of this volume is going to the key markets of Europe, UK and North America with strong growth also seen in milk powders to Asia and Africa.

In a European context, this positive performance is set against a backdrop of stable milk production, with declines in output in the key producers of France and Germany. Soaring input, processing and logistics costs, which have disrupted the global supply chain also had an impact on performance.

Sustainability has proven to be a fundamental differentiator for Irish dairy as the Irish food industry boasts the world’s only national food and drink sustainability programme – Origin Green, which is evolving and adapting to market demands, and now facilitated the measurement of indirect emissions (scope 3)

In 2021, the Irish dairy industry has pivoted to offer “Grass-Fed” certification through an independently audited programme that allows verifiable grass-fed claims to be made in relation to Irish dairy products. Products that qualify to carry this standard can claim that dairy included has been produced from cows with a diet of at least 95% grass that have been on pasture for at least 240 days in the previous year.

For more information on Irish dairy suppliers or on how you can use the Bord Bia grass-fed standard please contact dairyteam@bordbia.ie or contact your local Bord Bia office at Kieran.Fitzgerald@BordBia.IE