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Seafood Futures: Four marketplaces of tomorrow

September 2021

  • English

Bord Bia’s recently launched study, Seafood Futures: Four Marketplaces of Tomorrow explores what viable strategic choices will create the next decade of sustainable growth for Irish seafood exporters and their customers. We have combined strategic growth models with the future scenarios and drivers of demand, to really understand what the ‘Marketplaces of Tomorrow’ might look like; four key marketplaces emerged:

  1. Scale Biz will focus on consolidation and collaboration in the production of cheaper protein as an undifferentiated commodity.
  2. Smart Fish will feature a hybrid approach of smart pricing and product differentiation.
  3. Blue Ocean will leverage similar or adjacent resources to diversify into high value categories.
  4. Green Tales will see focused differentiation within the Sustainability marketplace.

For each marketplace, the study proposed five opportunity platforms, which serve as thought starters for innovation projects with key customers. By leveraging these platforms, suppliers and customers can better connect to the needs and demands of tomorrow’s consumers and work towards a sustainable and profitable future in the marketplaces of tomorrow. If you are interested in a full debrief of this study please contact local Bord Bia office.