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Understanding Changes in UK export to Europe

June 2021

  • English

Brexit drew attention to the challenges it creates for Irish exporters to the UK. However, Brexit can also create opportunities for Irish food and drink exporters.

UK exporters to continental Europe were also going to face complexity. Bord Bia decided to examine what produce the UK had been exporting to the EU and the key markets where Ireland could compete.

A quantitative assessment of what the UK was exporting, to where and what export was in growth over the past number of years was conducted. The results were married with the depth of understanding of Irish industry capacity that Bord Bia has.

Key target categories and markets emerged:

  1. Meat
  2. PCF
  3. Consumer dairy
  4. Seafood

The research found UK exports in these categories worth €1.3bn in 2019. Other EU origin produce could challenge this.

Buyers of UK produce in these categories appreciated the UK suppliers NPD capacities in the PCF category in particular.

As supply challenges and cost implications for buyers sourcing from UK were imminent, Bord Bia’s client network had informed conversations with buyers around how they could solve these problems.

HMRC recorded a 40% decline in the value of UK exports of food and drink to the UK in the first three months of 2021. Significant declines in UK export were seen in exports of meat (-52%), dairy (-62%) and food preparations (-34%). In these areas, Ireland has world-class produce capable of fulfilling EU customers’ needs.

Irish suppliers stand ready to substitute UK produce supply by removing third country risk from your supply chain while delivering on taste and sustainable production systems.

To find out more please contact your local Bord Bia office.