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Annually, the Irish seafood industry exports more than 85,000 tonnes of pelagic fish. The most common species are mackerel, herring, horse mackerel and blue whiting.

During 2023, the value of pelagic exports was around €127 million accounting for around 23% of total Irish seafood exports. Our biggest export region for Irish pelagic fish in order of export volume are Africa; The EU; Asia and the UK.

The Irish industry offers a range of formats including bulk whole round as well as value added formats such as IQF boneless or bone in mackerel fillets and mackerel portions. Sizes can adjust to customer specifications. A range of pack formats and size grades are available.

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Committed to sustainability

Catch quotas set by the EU are strictly adhered to in Ireland.  There is also a seasonal approach to pelagic fishing. Mackerel and horse mackerel are caught between October and March.  Herring are caught September through February.  Blue whiting are primarily caught February to April.  All pelagic fishing is conducted under strict licensing conditions and a highly targeted approach means negligible incidence of inadvertent by-catch. Ireland is also deeply committed to the EU’s stringent food safety standards and this is reflected in every facet of the food chain.

All leading Irish exporters are members of Origin Green, Ireland’s national sustainability programme.  Origin Green commits Irish seafood producers to improve raw material sourcing, emissions, energy, waste, water, biodiversity and social sustainability.