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Seafood Channel Insight

This year, Bord Bia undertook a seafood insight study to understand the dynamics at play within the fishmonger and independents channel within the Irish market. As with the wider retail landscape, this channel continues to be affected by the two monumentous forces of Covid-19 and Brexit, both of which have fundamentally impacted operations and supply but also consumer engagement and shopping habits.

This study brought clarity to the impact of these challenges and trends through an in-depth understanding of the independent fishmonger consumer within the Irish market; and more specifically their level of engagement, their attitudes and their experiences with seafood.

Consumption of seafood in the Irish market has increased across the board with over one third of all Independent Fishmonger Shoppers in Ireland claiming to be consuming more seafood than 12 months ago, with the greatest growth coming from the younger generations.

Penetration has also increased as 1 in 4 of all seafood consumers claim they are shopping in Independent Fishmongers more frequently within the past 18 months and over 1 in 3 claim to purchase Seafood from an Independent Fishmonger/Fish Shop/Fish Van/Fish Market on at least a weekly basis.

For further insights on the seafood category in your market please contact Linda Linda.Madigan@bordbia.ie in your local Bord Bia for more information and supplier connections.

Source: Bord Bia Thinking House