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WD O’Connell Whiskey Merchants

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Yokane, Castletownshend,
Skibbereen, County Cork, Cork, Cork

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  • Foodservice
  • Retail
W.D. O’Connell Whiskey Merchants is an independent whiskey company from County Waterford. We procure premium new make spirit and aged whiskies from multiple distilleries and apply our own maturation and finish preferences. We source our own casks and mature and bottle the finished whiskies when they are ready. Our methodology is going back to age old Irish Whiskey traditions that once placed Ireland as the leading whiskey production nation in the world. We bottle genuine small batch releases of 1-10 casks at a time on a regular basis meaning that no two whiskey releases will ever be the same. We take pride in our role as an independent bottler, and we value the integrity and transparency that go into each new release of whiskey we bring to market. Founded in 2019, W.D. O'Connell Whiskey Merchants released its first bottling of Bill Phil to much fanfare at WhiskeyLive in Dublin. Throughout 2020 and into this year, we have released additional series of bottlings, including Single Grain and Cask Strength series. We also launched a cask share program to introduce casks that we will bottle in future years. Our bottlings are enjoyed by both whiskey aficionados and folks who are new to spirits, and we are looking forward to bringing out new and exciting whiskies in 2021 and beyond.
Why Us

The first Single Grain whiskey release from W.D O'Connell Whiskey Merchants, the beginning of a series starts off with "Bourbon & Rye" as reference to the ex bourbon and ex rye casks that were used to mature and finish the make up of this single grain Irish whiskey. This 10 year old single grain was distilled in Cooley and matured in first fill ex-bourbon casks for between 10 & 12 years before being part finished in ex Rye cask. Bottled at 48%, non chill filtered and limited to 600 bottles. A rich, full bodied grain whiskey with the distinct vanilla, caramel & honey notes of a grain and a vibrant oak spice finish from the rye.

Our product range

Single Grain Irish Whiskey - Bourbon & Rye Series
PX Series
Bill Phil Single Cask
Bill Phil Batch 01

Markets supplied
  • Europe
  • Great Britain
  • Ireland
  • North America
Our Accreditations
  • Origin Green Verified
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