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Irish Landscape


Company address

Kyle, Ballykeefe,
Cuffesgrange, Kilkenny

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  • Foodservice
  • Online
  • Retail
"Ballykeefe Distillery was established in Kilkenny, June 2015, on Morgan and Anne Ging's family farm.

It manufactures a range of products, including double and triple distilled single pot still Irish whiskey; double and triple distilled single malt Irish whiskey; poití­n; gin; and vodka.

The distillery was established to complement and diversify operations on the farm, which began as a beef and tillage operation. The creation of the first on farm whiskey distillery in Ireland in over 200 years has revived a lost tradition, making the company a unique field-to-glass operation."

Why Us

The creation of Kilkenny's first whiskey distillery in over two centuries has reinvigorated the tradition of using homegrown barley to produce the spirits, while feeding the by-products to the cattle on the farm. This makes the operation a grain-to-glass outfit, with no off-farm by-products contaminating the environment.

Our product range

Triple Pot Distilled Irish Whiskey
Triple Distilled Malt Whiskey
Double Distilled Malt Whiskey
Triple Distilled Potín
Twelve Times Distilled Irish Potato Vodka
Irish Extra Dry Gin

Markets supplied
  • Asia Pacific
  • Australia
  • China
  • Europe
  • North America
  • UK & NI
Our Accreditations
  • Origin Green Verified
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