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Source New Season Irish Lamb

Naturally Produced on Family Farms

Irish lamb is produced today with the same traditional farming practices that have been applied for thousands of years, resulting in a range of products available throughout the year, from milk and Easter lamb, to main season and hill lamb, all of which excel in their unique taste and eating experience.

The main lambing season in Ireland runs from February through to April each year, with lambs reared outdoors on a diet of their mothers’ milk and fresh spring grass.

Ireland’s fertile soils, diverse landscapes and temperate climate contributes to the famous green pasturelands on which our lambs are produced. There are approximately 34,000 sheep farmers and over 2.5 million breeding ewes in Ireland. Irish sheep farms operate as family businesses with the average ewe flock of just over 100 head. This allows farmers give close attention to their flocks all year round.

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Sustainable Sheep Farming

Over 80% of sheep farmers in Ireland have been members of environmental protection programmes which direct farmers to farm in an environmentally friendly manner and to work consistently towards environmental improvement. Irish farmers have embraced their rolesas environmental stewards and are committed to supporting the diversity and abundance of Irish plant and animal wildlife.

Origin Green is the Bord Bia sustainability programme. It is the only one in the world which operates at a national level and which includes farmers and primary producers, processors and retailers working together and leading the way to create a better future for all involved.Farmers who are certified members of the Sustainable Beef and Lamb Assurance Scheme (SBLAS) and who participate in farm sustainability assessments as part of their audit, are the essential first link in Origin
Green. Origin Green’s system of measuring and feedback helps to identify steps to increased efficiency. Irish farmers are increasingly recognising that improved sustainability practices are good for business too. Sustainable farming and efficient farming go hand in hand and can help preserve farm businesses and the environment for future generations.

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