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Company address

Kylemore Park West, Ballyfermot,

Channels Supplied:

  • Foodservice
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
Britvic is a leading soft drinks company, with operations in Great Britain (GB), Ireland, France and Brazil. Across these markets, the company has developed a strong portfolio of its own iconic brands, including Robinsons, Tango, J2O, drench, MiWadi, Ballygowan, Teisseire, Fruité, Maguaray and DaFruta. In addition, in GB and Ireland, the company produces and sells a number of PepsiCo’s famous soft drinks brands, including Pepsi, 7UP, SoBe and Mountain Dew, under exclusive agreements with PepsiCo. Britvic is the largest supplier of branded still soft drinks and the number two supplier of branded carbonated soft drinks in GB, and it is an industry leader in Brazil, Ireland and France. Through franchising, export and licensing, Britvic has also been growing its reach into other territories, particularly the United States and Northern Europe. Britvic’s management team has successfully developed the business through a clear strategy of organic growth and international expansion based on creating and building scalable brands. Britvic is listed on the London Stock Exchange under the code BVIC
Why Us

With a focus on health and innovation at the centre of its operation, Britvic has become the number one no/low sugar soft drinks business in the island of Ireland. This has been achieved through a combination of product reformulation, exciting new product launches, re-shaping its marketing investment towards its low and no sugar products, and investment in clearer and more consistent labelling.

Our product range

Produce a wide range of soft drink brands: Robinsons, MiWadi, Pennine Spring, Ballygowan, Drench, Tango, Club, Purdleys, Red Devil Energy Drink, Shandy Bass, Britvic 55, London Essence Company, Really Wild Drinks Company, Idris Ginger Beer, R. White's Lemonade, TK Lemonade, C&C Lemonade, Energizer, Cidona, Energizer Sport, Ame, J20, Fruite, Jus de Fruits, Pressade, Teisseire, 7up, Pepsi, Lipton Ice Tea, Sobe Pure Rush, Sobe V Water, Mountain Dew Energy, Gatorade.

Markets supplied
  • North America
  • UK & NI

•Britvic Ireland is committed to the circular economy and is working towards ensuring its packaging never becomes waste.
•All Britvic Ireland’s packaging is 100% recyclable.
•The company is investing in recycled PET and supports the need for a well-run deposit retention scheme increasing the collection rate of beverage containers and underpinning access to quality recycled materials.
•Britvic Ireland will use over 50% recycled PET across its brand portfolio by 2025. Britvic are also on a journey to reduce packaging weight per serve by 20% by 2025.
•The recent Ballygowan relaunch switching to lighter bottles made from 100% recycled PET removed c1,500 tonnes of virgin plastic from the market and makes Ballygowan, bottled at source in Newcastle West Co. Limerick, Ireland’s most sustainable water brand.
•The Ballygowan factory is powered by 96% renewable energy and is on trajectory to be carbon positive by 2025.

Our Accreditations
  • Origin Green Verified
Our Awards

The PLC Awards, The Ethibel Sustainability Index, Origin Green verified, The GreenFleet award,

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