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Irish Landscape


Company address

O'Shea's House, New Road,
Kenmare, Kerry

Contact details

Channels Supplied:

  • Foodservice
  • Retail
Kush Shellfish is a family-run Irish seafood business based in Kenmare Bay, off the Beara Peninsula on the south west coast of Ireland.

Established in 1987, the company has built an excellent reputation for premium Irish shellfish combined with sterling customer service.

The company strives to provide customers with succulent, natural shellfish with the delicate taste of the pure Special Area of Conservation (SAC) waters where they are grown.

Why Us

Ireland’s first organic rope mussel
Grade A Waters
Grown in the cleanest, purest and best
possible shellfish growing conditions in
Kenmare Bay, Co. Kerry
SAC Purity
The purest, highest quality shellfish on the
market today. Protected from pollutants
found in many other marine environments
First-class Irish organic rope mussels
that are fresh, safe, healthy and naturally
delicious. All mussels are monitored as
part of the National Biotoxin Monitoring
programme from the Marine Institute of
Pre-cooked organic rope mussels, ready
to eat in minutes. Available live, chilled or
Flexible Packaging Options
Available in a variety of packaging
options: vac-pack pre-cooked, MAP tray
fresh or organic rope mussel meat (IQF)
Year round supply of mussels

Our product range

Fresh Mussels

Organic Fresh Mussels In MAP 700g, 1kg, 2kg

Organic Fresh Mussels in Jute Bags 10kg And 15kg

Pre-Cooked Vacuum-Packed Organic Mussels 450g, 500g And 1kg, Frozen & Chilled

Frozen Organic Mussel Meats 10kg Boxes; 200-300 & 300-500 pieces per kilo

Organic Mussel Soup in Glass Bottles 490g

Markets supplied
  • Europe

Kush Shellfish has conducted the first carbon footprint in Ireland of our organic rope mussel production. While being as nutritious as meat, the carbon footprint of mussels is closer to vegetables. Mussels feed on phytoplankton, microscopic marine algae naturally produced in the environment where they live and mussel farming does not require any chemical treatment.

All our shellfish are grown in a Special Area of Conservation (S.A.C.) designated under the European Union Habitats Directive* as being a vital area of environmental significance.

Our Accreditations
  • Organic
  • Origin Green Verified
Our Awards

Finalist Prix d'Elite 2014, BIM Aquaculture Enterprise of the Year 2016

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