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Company address

The Oriel Sea Salt Company Limited, Port Oriel,
Clogherhead, Drogheda, County Louth, A92V97C, Ireland, Drogheda, Louth

Channels Supplied:

  • Foodservice
  • Manufacturing
  • Online
  • Retail

Origin Green Sustainability Programme

  • • In December 2014 Oriel became the 75th Irish company to be a fully Approved and Certified member of Origin Green.
  • • This has been its company's Contract with Nature and it is proud to now join the ranks of some of our nation’s greatest companies and corporations.
  • • Within Oriel Salt sustainability plan from 2021-2025, the company commit to maintaining 100% Recyclable Packaging (increased from 90% in 2019).
  • • Cardboard packaging is the company’s main purchased raw material.
  • • Oriel Salt also commit to increase mix of biofuel in LPG gas over next 5 years from 0% in 2020 to 20% by 2025.
  • • Oriel Salt plan to see a reduction in electricity per tonne of output by 8% kWh/kg from 2019 baseline to 2025.
Oriel Marine Extracts began life as the Oriel Sea Salt Company in 2010 founded by Brian Fitzpatrick and John Delany.

Oriel harvest a very pure and natural mineral sea salt which is used by leading food brands improve taste profiles and to replace salt due to it's lower sodium benefits and powerful taste profile. Oriel also extracts a liquid Magnesium and Mineral complex used in Functional drink, beverage and food products.

In August 2016 the company became the only company in Europe to be granted Protected Designation of Origin status (PDO) by the EU Commission for their Magnesium Mineral Extract and Mineral Sea Salt products. This is a multi award winning Sea Salt with co-branded smoked Sea Salt options available such as Guinness Smoked Sea Salt, Teeling Whiskey Smoked Sea Salt and Roe & Co Whiskey Smoked Sea Salt.

Oriel Marine Extracts has established its market position through globally patented technology, significant investment in science and research and the finest products in its class. The provenance in its location has played a key part in the recognition from the EU Commission it dates back millennia to the very formation of the island of Ireland.

Why Us

Patented Extraction process guarantees you cannot get anything like this anywhere else. From a sustainability perspective, Oriel ticks many boxes. The company extracts sea water, Ireland's most sustainable and renewable resource through a patented water extraction system. It harvests products through an organic and sustainable process that has been recognised and certified by numerous bodies including the EU Commission (PDO) Organic Trust, Origin Green, Kosher and Good Food Ireland.

Oriel's Magnesium and Mineral products have undergone five years of in-depth scientific research and studies with nine leading Universities in four countries including DCU, ESA, TCD. Clients include global leaders in water, beverage, skincare and wound care.

It prides itself on patented processes, formulation and applications, and is currently the only company globally to hold EU Commission PDO for Magnesium and Mineral Extract.

Our product range

Oriel Mineral Sea Salt Kiln Dried
Oriel Mineral Sea Salt Natural
Teeling Whiskey Smoked Sea Salt
Guinness Smoked Sea Salt
Roe & Co Whiskey Smoked Sea Salt
Magnesium Mineral Extract (Liquid ingredient & supplement)

Markets supplied
  • Europe
  • North America
Our Accreditations
  • ISO FSSC 22000
  • Kosher
  • Organic Trust
  • Origin Green Verified
  • PDO
Our Awards

Oriel's accolades include EU PDO, multiple Great Taste & Blas na hEireann Awards, Business Excellence Award, Dublin Maritime Awards, Private Label Awards, Finalist in SFA (3 years), Irish Times Innovation Awards, Knowledge Transfer Ireland Impact awards,

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