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Company address

Main St, Corlattallan,
Emyvale, Co. Monaghan, Monaghan

Channels Supplied:

  • Foodservice
  • Retail

Origin Green Sustainability Programme

  • • Silver Hill Duck is very proud of its history of sustainability and recognise the importance it plays in its business today and for the next generation.
  • • In 2020, the company was awarded the Gold Standard certification from Origin Green for excelling in its efforts & investment in making Silver Hill Duck the sustainable business it is today.
  • • As part of the company’s packaging target, Silver Hill have committed to replacing all grey trays to clear trays with 80% recycled content for Aldi, Lidl IE & Lidl UK.
Founded in 1962 by the Steele family, Silver Hill Farm is a fully integrated family owned Duck Company. All aspects of our duck production are owned and controlled by Silver Hill Farm, from breeding, egg production, hatching and selection, to processing, cooking and packaging. Our distinctive hybrid duck is the secret to our success and is a breed that is exclusive to Silver Hill Farm. It has been continually developed over the years, to produce a duck that is full of flavour, succulent, tender and consistent in its quality.

Silver Hill Farm has achieved tremendous success in recent years, in both domestic and overseas markets. It has more than doubled production in the last five years from 36,000 ducks per week to 82,500 per week.

At 70% export led, Silver Hill Farm currently supplies duck & a range of duck products to 24 countries worldwide including the UK, Holland, Germany, UAE, Singapore & Hong Kong. This increase in performance has prompted the creation of 60 new jobs since 2013 and the addition of 24 contract farmers across 8 counties in Ireland, both north & south of the border. Whilst continued focus on the domestic retail market, which has quadrupled in Ireland in recent years, has cemented Silver Hill as the fastest growing product in the poultry category in Ireland and the UK.

Marked success has already been achieved amongst Asian customers due to the superior roasting qualities of the Silver Hill Duck. We are the proud supplier of head on duck to the very best Chinese & Asian restaurants in Ireland and the UK for almost 40 years. It already commands a premium price in Singapore, Hong Kong & Macau where chefs have christened Silver Hill’s unique breed of duck ‘The Mother of All Duck’. Currently we export 20,000 ducks per week across more than 150 high-end restaurants in Asia with additional sales enquiries coming in from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia & mainland China based on this success.

Investment in our infrastructure has been crucial in scaling Silver Hill Farm’s operations. Our workforce has grown in line with this expansion and we now employ over 240 workers, making it a pillar for local employment in the North Monaghan area. A new Centre of Excellence was completed in 2016 and has allowed us to meet growing demand at home & abroad. Our state of the art R&D kitchen has allowed us to host customers & chefs from every continent, giving them a first had experience of the best duck in the world. To ensure we meet further demand, we have set ourselves a target of increasing the number of duck processed per week from 82,500 – 150,000 in the next five years. This will be a further stepping stone to achieving the company’s overall mission to supply quality duck & duck products to outlets across the world.

In March 2019 Fane Valley Group acquired Silver Hill Farm. Fane Valley is a progressive agri-food business, based in Northern Ireland and has been Silver Hill’s feed nutrition partner for over 20 years. The announcement secured ongoing investment in the development of the existing production site at Emyvale to keep pace with rapidly growing global demand for Silver Hill Farm’s world class Irish duck.

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Why Us

Product quality and safety is the priority at Silver Hill Farm. The company's standard is world renowned and the cornerstone of its business.

Silver Hill runs a fully integrated duck rearing and processing plant, enabling it to easily demonstrate traceability, not only back to the growing farm but back to the hatchery and laying farms.

Its distinctive hybrid duck has been continually developed over the years to produce a duck that is full of flavour, succulent, consistent in quality, and fully traceable from farm to fork.

Our product range

Fresh Products:

Oven Ready Duck
Duck Breast Fillets
Boneless Duck with Seasonal Stuffing
Duck Breast Fillets, available in Aromatic, Garlic & Black Pepper, Maple & Mustard
Duck Legs with Aromatic Spices

Convenience Products:

Honey Roast Half Duck
Crispy Roast Half Duck with 10 Chinese Pancakes & Hoi Sin Sauce
Confit of Duck
Yummy Duck
Crispy Aromatic Half Duck


Duck Fat

Markets supplied
  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • Great Britain
  • Middle East
Our Accreditations
  • BRC
  • Halal
  • Meat Processor Quality Assurance Scheme (MPQAS)
  • Origin Green Verified
Our Awards

An array of accolades from the Irish Quality Food Awards, Great Taste Awards, Blas na hÉireann Awards, and Deloitte Best Managed Companies Awards

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Product Range

Premium Whole Duck



  • Chilled
  • Frozen
  • PCF
  • Value - Added Meats

Confit Duck Legs



  • Chilled
  • Frozen
  • PCF
  • Value - Added Meats

Duck Fillets



  • Chilled
  • Frozen
  • PCF
  • Value - Added Meats

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