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Irish Landscape


Company address

Porturlin, Ballina,

Channels Supplied:

  • Foodservice
  • Retail
Catching and sales of Brown Crab (Cancer pagurus) and some lobster (all live). No processing, B2B sales into processors (UK), wholesalers (China), etc. Business split between domestic and export. Primary export market is the UK and China with 60% destined for the latter. The company is relatively new, with turnover figures now at €3m, as of 1 Feb 2019. The company has 5 vessels.
Our product range

Live crab and lobster

Markets supplied
  • China
  • Europe

•West Coast Crab are committed to responsible fishing practices and the long-term protection of the marine environment.
•The company’s fishing vessels meet strict standards of quality, safety and traceability.
•West Coast Crab’s FIP membership was maintained with 4 vessels participating in the FIP in 2020.
•The company's vessels have completed the audit stage of the Responsible Sourced Seafood (RSS) Certification process and are awaiting a certification decision early 2022.

Our Accreditations
  • Origin Green Verified

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