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Conlin Road, Killybegs,

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  • Manufacturing

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Origin Green Sustainability Programme

  • • Killybegs Seafoods always strives to ensure that sustainable practices and reduced environmental impact are at the forefront of economic decision making from the catching of fish to processing and delivery.
  • • In 2020, Killybegs Seafoods performed particularly well in its energy, water and community targets.
  • • The company implemented a number of initiatives redirecting coolant water to the fish grading machines, fitting foam lances to the pressure washing systems and sensor taps are used for hand wash areas at production lines.
  • • These initiatives enabled Killybegs Seafoods to exceed its milestone by 43.3%.
All of Killybegs Seafoods' raw materials are sourced in the North West Atlantic and brought to the factory in refrigerated seawater trawlers. Each different species caught is then graded and further processed in order to achieve the maximum possible value for that product in a specific market.

In total, the company now produces over 50 different customer-specific products under the Killybegs Seafoods brand, delivered to Europe, Russia, Africa and the Far East.

Annually, the company handles over 20,000 metric tonnes of raw material and has three cold stores onsite, with a holding capacity of 12,000mt. To complement the processing business, Killybegs Seafoods is also involved in the fish catching sector, thus providing ready access to quality raw material on a continuous basis.

Killybegs Seafoods receives exclusive supply from six of the 23 pelagic refrigerated trawlers, as well as other Irish boats and foreign vessels.

Why Us

Killybegs Seafoods has positioned itself as a substantial primary supplier of premium quality pelagic seafood to key global markets.

The company is committed to providing the highest quality products through capital investment in innovative processes and sustainable practices while focusing on customer satisfaction.

Our product range

Mackerel: whole, headed and gutted, gutted, fillets, flaps - various sizes, 20kg cartons

Horse Mackerel: whole - various sizes, 20kg cartons

Blue Whiting: whole - various sizes, 20kg cartons

Herring: whole, deli, fillets, flaps - various sizes, 20kg cartons

Sprat: whole - various sizes, 20kg cartons

Markets supplied
  • Africa
  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • North America
Our Accreditations
  • MSC (Marine Stewardship Council)
  • Origin Green Verified
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