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Irish Landscape


Company address

Ballyconra, Ballyragget,
Kilkenny, Kilkenny

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Channels Supplied:

  • Foodservice
  • Manufacturing
  • Online
  • Retail
Glanbia Ireland is Ireland's leading dairy and agribusiness company, owning celebrated consumer and agri-brands such as Avonmore, Kilmeaden Cheese, Premier Milk, Wexford, mymilkman.ie and GAIN Animal Nutrition.

Exporting quality dairy and agri-ingredients as well as branded products to over 60 countries, Glanbia Ireland produces choice dairy products from grass-fed, pasture raised dairy herds.

Drawing from a 2.4 billion litre milk pool supplied by 4,800 family farms, combined with locally produced grains and state-of-the-art milling, this unique platform provides fully traceable and sustainably produced products.

Glanbia Ireland is a joint venture, 60% owned by Glanbia Co-op and 40% owned by Glanbia plc. Established in July 2017, it combines Glanbia Ingredients Ireland, Glanbia Consumer Products and Glanbia Agribusiness. With annual revenue of €1.5bn, Glanbia Ireland has 11 processing plants, 53 agri-branches and over 1,800 employees.

Why Us

Glanbia Ireland is a world-class, ambitious, integrated agri-food and nutrition business.

With a diverse portfolio of quality ingredients, as well as leading consumer and agri-brands, it has proven talent to succeed in the global market.

Our product range

Dry Blend Skim & Whole Milk Powders
Specialist Blends
Wet Blend Skim & Whole Milk Powders
Whey Protein Concentrates & Isolates
Enriched Milk Powder
Buttermilk (BMP)
Skim Milk Powder
Cheese Curds, Cheddar, Cagliata
Buttermilk Powder
UHT Full Cream Milk
UHT Low-Fat Milk
UHT Skimmed Milk
UHT Single Cream
UHT Whipping Cream

Markets supplied
  • Africa
  • Asia Pacific
  • Australia
  • China
  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • North America
  • South America
  • UK & NI

•Glanbia Ireland is a founding member and strong supporter of the Origin Green programme since 2012 and have woven sustainable co-operation and collaboration into the company’s corporate values.
•From October 2020 to year end, over 30,000 trees and hedging plants were reported distributed in less than 3 months.
•As part of the Operation Pollination, Glanbia Ireland worked with its Country Life Garden centres to launch ‘take the pledge’ in July 2020 encouraging members of the public to plant wildflowers, bug hotels and other supporting actions.
•Glanbia report over 1,600 pledges registered online.

Our Accreditations
  • BRC
  • Halal
  • Origin Green Verified
Our Awards

2019 Nantwich International Cheese and Dairy Awards

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