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Irish White Fish

Annually, the Irish seafood industry exports about 14,000 tonnes of whitefish.  The most common species are whiting, hake, haddock, monkfish and megrims.

During 2023, the value of whitefish exports was around €50 million accounting for 9% of total Irish seafood exports.  Our biggest markets for whitefish are Spain, France and the UK.

Ireland’s close proximity to the richest of the Atlantic fishing grounds means that Irish fish can be landed shortly after catch, ensuring unrivalled freshness.  A modern and well maintained Irish fishing fleet ensures optimum handling and hygiene conditions on board.

Premium Irish whitefish suppliers

Committed to sustainability

Irish wild fisheries are controlled by the European Total Allowable Catch (TAC) and quota management system. In addition, Fisheries Improvement Projects (FIPs) are in place for a range of Irish whitefish species, ensuring continuous progress in areas such as effective fisheries management, traceability and the use of environmentally friendly fishing equipment.

All leading Irish exporters are also members of Origin Green, Ireland’s national sustainability programme. Origin Green commits Irish seafood producers to improve raw material sourcing, emissions, energy, waste, water, biodiversity and social sustainability.